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A Practical Approach to Licensing

Real Estate Dynamics

This site is in support of Students and Instructors using Real Estate Dynamics as a part of the Salesperson and/or Broker Prelicense courses offered in the state of Georgia, in class or online.

Our industry leading instructors, constantly up-dated materials and technology, and readily available helplines help ensure your success in passing the required Georgia state exam. We are here for your success and take your success as the ultimate compliment as to how we conduct the important business of training real estate professionals.

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The Capitus Real Estate Learning Center believes that a strong network helps make our product viable to our customers statewide. Instructors and schools simply need to submit the "Registration" information prior to partnering to achieve good margins while growing a sustainable business in their area.

By partnering with Capitus, you will benefit from decades of industry-leading real estate education materials and supporting technology with proven results. Purchase our products at wholesale grow your customer base.

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Real Estate Dynamics

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